LocalLife – Connecting people locally!

Vi är globalt uppkopplade men samtidigt har vi blivit allt mer lokalt isolerade. LocalLife avser att vända denna trend med teknik som möjliggör för grannar att komma i kontakt med varandra och självorganisera på ett säkert sätt. Därigenom möjliggör LocalLife lokalsamhällen med starkare identitet, tillit, trygghet, och hållbarhet.

If you look at your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter feeds right now, what do you see? Trending articles and news, the promotion of a former colleague, funny cat videos, sponsored posts of product or business advertising and what else? While social media is bringing the globe closer to us, what do we know about the people who live in the next 10 blocks in each direction from our home? In other words, what do we know about our neighborhood? This is the question that triggered us to reinvent social networking for our local neighborhood. Welcome to LocalLife!

What is LocalLife?

Today’s social networks are aimed at connecting people globally, however this amazing connectivity has come at the price of local isolation, weakening the very fabric that keeps our societies together. What if we could develop a social network, built from the ground up to help neighbors to connect, self- organize, and simplify their local lives.

LocalLife has a mission to do just that. Therefore, we are looking for the most passionate and dedicated developer to build technology that makes it ridiculously easy for neighbors to unlock their community resources, in a way that Google never could.

This will change Swedish society for the better. We are already in a few small pilots and our goal is to launch to one million people by the end of the year. We need your help and creativity to solve the problems associated with bringing this to Sweden, Scandinavia and beyond. If this sounds like a crazy enough challenge for you, we’d love to talk with you.

In the past 3 months

We are a team determined to improve local life in our communities local communities, and in the past 90 days we have,

1) Raised a substantial amount of soft funding throughout 2020
2) Signed 7 pilot partners including the City of Stockholm and JM
3) Gotten accepted into the acclaimed STING Incubate program

The next big challenge

With the pilot version of the product up and running, we’re planning on a strong local launch during the Summer with 50,000+ active users in Stockholm, using the service to interact with their neighborhood, and the subsequent milestone is 1 million users across the four largest cities in Scandinavia, and the 10 largest cities in Sweden. We are now looking to extend the core team with three young internship talents to help us arrive at our goals and we are both looking for technology-oriented profiles, as well as project management profiles. We look forward to hearing back from you!