AppJobs Sweden AB

Who are we and who are you?
Work as we know is changing – and it’s changing fast.

We are Founded in 2017 we have helped several hundreds of thousands of people find an app or a digital platform to make money with. Along the way, we have become the world’s largest community of gig workers. And more wants to join: we are adding over 10k new members to our community every week. Our method is simple yet powerful. We are a digital companion that will help you find your next work opportunities, as well as the right support and the right services for you to thrive in the future of work. With a team spanning 10+ nationalities and physically located on 4 continents we want to mirror the diversity of the people we aim to empower through our product. At AppJobs we value humility over brute force, data over opinions and action over talk. Join us in our quest to be the gig-worker’s best friend!

We are all about shaping the future of work to the benefit of workers worldwide. Essentially becoming the gig-workers’ best friend. The ways to achieve this mission are plentiful. Within AppJobs you get the freedom to test your ideas on how to make the future of work better all over the world. We don’t care too much about what you have done in the past. Instead, we want to unlock and benefit from the power that lays in your curiosity to learn, your drive for change, and passion for making an impact. Depending on who you are and what you are curious about

# You’ll get the chance to collaborate with talented, passionate people from across the globe.
# You’ll get the chance to improve your leadership skills by executing important projects.
# You’ll get the chance to expand your skills on how to make sense out of a big sea of data.
# You’ll get the chance to expand your ability in the area of marketing and communication.
# You’ll get unique insights on how to run and grow a tech start-up with a clear mission to make a positive impact in the world; entrepreneurial spirit at its best!